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Metal Leaf

By Wanda Fraser

What’s in the Gallery

By Wanda Fraser

Portrait of Jim Fraser
Using a new technique. Pretty happy with the result!
  • 0ct 2, 2018
  • Sept 11, 2018

Worked one on one with Colleen Magee and we had an excellent time drinking tea and painting. She chose her fur baby Simba as her subject. The medium we used was acrylic on canvas.

Employing liquid masking fluid and a hard edge technique she preserved the whites in her painting while layering washes of colour. It turned out lovely! Good job Colleen!

  • June 30, 2018

There are so many talented artists on the island many of whom offer workshops to share their knowledge and skills. I attended one this past weekend given by Pauline Dueck, not only was it extremely fun but I learned many new techniques to bring back to my own work. Thank you Pauline and also to Maureen for hosting this event!

Pauline Dueck


  • June 27, 2018
The two men in my life, both my artistic muse. How cute is that!