“Inspiration is everywhere! It can be found in the pewter skies of a cold snowy day, the yellow ochre of a summer sunset or the cornflower blue eyes of a smiling child. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love affair with colour. I’ve always understood how easily colours can evoke emotions. To me vandyke brown brings thoughts of a warm hot chocolate on a stormy winter’s night and sap green the memory of a lazy summer day spent under the dappled shade of a large tree. When an artist possesses the understanding that colour creates emotion, and then they apply this knowledge to their canvas, it is a very powerful way to convey inspiration into their work.”

I was born and raised on the prairies and loved to paint and draw. My family had limited resources so I learned to indulge in my love of colours with a limited palette, mixing my paints to make the colours I desired. I still enjoy doing this, often using only two to four key colours and then balancing this simple palette with a complexity of subject detail, creating a beautiful contrast in the final piece.

I am a recent arrival to Vancouver Island and have fallen in love! I find so much inspiration here. It’s people, wildlife and diversity of landscapes are like nowhere else in the world. As an artist I feel I’ve come home.

Wanda Fraser

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