On March 17th we will once again be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Young, old, rich, poor, Irish or “annually” Irish, we love to celebrate this day with our friends and family and on March 17th we are all Irish! In Canada and the US our heritage has been shaped by the many cultures that have chose our beautiful countries as their home. But, so many of us can trace our lineage back to the Emerald Island (or we know someone else who can). We love the mystery and symbolism that surrounds the Celtic culture. Superstitions run deep among the people and colours the Celtic way of life.

Celtic symbols and the mystery behind them are timeless and many of these symbols have also been embraced by cultures outside the Celtic community. We can all relate to their symbolic relevance and significance to our daily lives, and the stories behind these symbols are passed on from generation to generation allowing this wonderful aspect of the Celtic heritage to live on. 

Celtic Stones: Created with Vancouver Island stones. Each stone is adorned with a Celtic symbol, artistically designed and finished with copper leaf.

Triple Spiral – Triskele/Triskelion
Ancient Triskelion

This is a trinity symbol often found among ancient Celtic relics. It is sometimes referred to as a triskelion. The terms are often considered synonymous. This Celtic symbol meaning deals with the drawing of the three powers of maiden, mother and crone. It is often considered a sign of female power and especially power through transition and growth. This trinity symbol can represent a triangle of foundational necessity. Meaning – you cannot have a healthy whole without all three elements joined together. Hence: Mind, Body, Spirit. Sun, Moon, Earth. Light, Dark, Gloaming (twilight). Not one energy can exist without the others.